Sunday, July 22, 2007

Finding charities we can trust

I believe in everyone of us, we have that little desire to do good all the time. Most people will gladly chip in some money or whatever they can afford to help others when the times call for it. In the face of tragedies or disasters, we can see these magnanimous characters appear in almost all humans. Think of those major natural disasters and how everyone had come forward to help the victims? See? We love to give to charities.

But the problem is sometimes, we do not know who to trust. Everywhere we turn, there are people calling out for help and donations. Do we give to the first one we meet or do we make a little background check? I don't know about others but I am normally very careful with whom I donate to. It is because I hate the idea of being taken for a ride or being cheated.


It is a coincident that I just visited the St. Anne's church in my city as it is St. Anne's feast and stumble upon this organisation St. Annes. I wish to share their mission with readers :

Most of the young women referred to St. Anne's come via the Los Angeles County Departments of Children and Family Services and Probation. They share a tragically common profile: victims of abuse and neglect, physical violence and sexual abuse. Many have experienced homelessness and the consequences of gang affiliations. They are far behind in their education, and without assistance, they are unlikely to be able to support themselves or care for their babies.

Find out more about St.Anne and I hope you will chip in to help them in their mission.

If you wish to look for more charities which you can contribute to, do check out Charity Navigator. It is an effort by by Navtej Kohli who is a philanthropist. You can find more details about Navtej Kohli on sites given above.

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