Friday, August 24, 2007

As crazy as crazy can go

Sometimes, somewhere in our life, we do meet people that are really in tune with us. It can be a colleague, some random strangers, an old friend or just about anyone. They do not necessary have to be anything like us. For example, I used to have an ex-colleague who is my boss' driver who can tell me everything. We would crap and crap all day long whenever we were free.

One day, his son died after a heart operation and I was the first person he called. We lost touch after I stopped working but when I met him recently, we still crap and crap about everything. He even told me some of the stuffs that he dare not tell his wife.

Well, I am lucky that I always have one or two persons like that in my life. It is like a sweet escape to just crap and crap without any strings attached.

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