Friday, August 17, 2007

Can plastic surgery keeps a marriage intact?

I read an article in the paper by Dina Zaman. She is a very outspoken columnist and I like her views. Today, she wrote about plastic surgery and how people are flocking to the plastic surgeons for mini tummy tuck, lips enlargement or what you call that procedure to get Angelina Jolie's lip and of course, breast enlargements.

She mentioned that many women had been able to justify these actions of undergoing plastic surgeries by claiming that it helps with their marriage eventhough it is against their religions. Well, I suppose humans do have a way of twisting whatever religious faiths they have when they need to do it desperately.

I mean, if I have enough money to engage a surgeon like this los angeles tummy tuck, I will probably do it in the name of health. Hey, it is good to get rid of those flabs, you know?

But if you ask me, if I will do a boobs job like this los angeles breast implants, then I will probably not do it because that is way too obvious.

As for my original question, will plastic surgery helps with marriage? I think so, i.e. if I am married to a rich man who can afford several thropy wives. For me, hubby earns enough to feed us all so I don't have to worry about that part.

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