Monday, August 27, 2007

Driving The Beetle

Oh boy, do I know a lot about driving old cars! I have been driving really old cars for a while back in those days when I couldn't afford a new one. It was one used car after another because that's the most I could afford.

Nowadays, when I watch Pimp My Ride, I really, really wish the show was available back then because my car definitely qualified to be on the show. I love Pimp My Ride. Who doesn't? It is like a fairytale. Make a wish, fairygodfather come to your doorstep, whisked your used car away and then, transform it into some shiny, sleek car. Better than new ones. And everyone lives happily ever after.

I have a colleague who owned a Used Volkswagen and I bugged him to let me try it after I got my driving licence. He is a married colleague, ahem, and hence, not that difficult for an 18 years old girl to get the keys out of his pocket, right? So, one day he let me drove the beetle, which was bright yellow from our workplace to my home. It wasn't that far and there weren't that many cars on the road.

Do you notice that the gear shift sticks seem to get shorter with time? Hey, I am talking about the car still! The Volkswagen has this long gear stick with a very nice, shining bulb at the end and it was a nightmare to change gear from one to two to arrgghh...I cannot remember anymore. It is all D now. Or P or R or N.

I was looking at this Volkswagen Dealers and remembered that married colleague who graciously risk his life, his precious beetle to let me play with it. I wonder what happened to him now? He is much, much older than me so he is probably mid 50s now. I wonder if he still recognise me?

If you enjoy old continental cars (and old, married colleague), then check out this Used Cars website.

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