Tuesday, August 21, 2007

How did Kathleen McPhee lost that weight?

I was watching MTV and this familiar looking female singer was showing off her sexy bod, with very low cut clothes, revealing her back and her bones. At first, I couldn't place a name to her. Then, it dawned on me that it is none other than the plumpy Kathleen of American Idol!

OMG, how did she lose so much weight in just a short time? However, she looks great with the new body. Not like Hilary Duff who lost weight and her boobs as well. Kathleen still have good racks.

Talking about losing weight, there are so many new things on the market nowadays like these SuperSlim, SuperSlim Thermogenic, Organic Health and NuLiver which is available on the site, KTG Labs. I haven't heard of them and thought it will be good to see what's the latest. Who knows, those celebrities' secrets lie in these?

My friend told me that cleansing the liver will gives us much better complexion, health and even helps with weight loss. It is mentioned that NuLiver is a health supplements that provide these benefits. NuLiver is the latest liver treatment supplement on the market, it uses 4 of the leading liver health enhancing compounds to purify, detoxify, restore, and renew your liver naturally.

So, if you are wondering what else you can do besides eating healthily and exercise regularly, do check out some of the health supplements on the link provided. Who knows, in a few months, you will probably turn into a different woman like Kathleen McPhee.


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