Monday, August 27, 2007

Hunting for coupons to save money

I just made two online purchases. One of them is for my son who wish to get a packet of fabric ink from the DIY store. They request for coupon code to make a saving but I couldn't locate the code after Googling for sometime. Anyway, the amount he bought wasn't that great so I bought it without the coupon code.

On other days, if I make large purchases, I will definitely hunt for coupon codes because that means a lot of savings and sometimes, I get free shipping and even more discounts and freebies. So, most smart shoppers rarely shop without keeping some reliable free online coupons website on hand.

However, some sites give more problems than help because they do not update their codes and it is frustrating to go through the checkout process only to find that your coupon code has expired.

So, let me get you are few working coupon codes which I am sure you will enjoy. Before that, remember to get the 1-click bookmarlet from the link provided because it makes shopping so much easier.

Women are going to love this cosmetic categories on deallocker. For example, I am thinking of getting MAC cosmetics as I am tired of my current brand. You can get free shipping if you enter in the coupon code : Prime

I also found something which I am sure most moms will love to share. These are the kids categories which include crocs shoes where you can get free shipping with coupon code : crocsspring07.

I hope you find these useful and will share with all your friends. That way more will benefits. Happy shopping! I know I am going to keep the 1-click bookmarklet so that the next time I shop, I do not have to surf around looking for coupon codes.

If I find something exciting to purchase, I normally want to do it immediately and hence, if I can get the coupon codes faster then, I could buy much faster. LOL, there is nothing like shopping to perk us women, right?

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