Sunday, August 12, 2007

The hype about jeans

I went to try out some jeans just now and got a little depressed. I got big butts and I cannot lie. However the store carries almost the same type of jeans which are not meant for my curvy shape.

So, I got home and surf a little to see if my body is out of fashion or the store is just being too limited in their choices. Then, I stumbled upon Hudson Jeans and I think the triangle pocket flare will suit my big butts. You see, if the jeans taper off in the middle and flares again, it will sort of balance out our proportion than one that goes all the way down, tight.

The site Kultic does carry a lot of brands and they even cater for men too. Well, excuse me while I browse through and see if I can find anything to make me happy again. Spending money will make me happy, yeah! Why don't you try it as well? Buy the much hyped Hudson Jeans for retail therapy?

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