Saturday, August 25, 2007

Furniture site review

I barely have 3 hours sleep. Not that I do not want to sleep but I have been rudely awaken from my slumber. So, I decide to give this Furniture site a thorough look. I mean, what else can I do at 6 am other than wishing that I can now crawl into those comfy beads like those on their Bedroom Furniture section. A virtual tour on their site is like running around IKEA. The site is so huge with so many types of furniture and one can just go crazy jumping from one section to another.

This Furniture Home Office category really makes me wish I have a nice cosy corner at home which I can call my home office. The White Home Office Collection looks so pretty and if I have the space, I will make my bedroom into the office. Why my bedroom? Because this way, I can work while watching over my angelic, sleeping cherubic baby.

Take a look at the Bar Stool. I do not have enough space for a mini bar at home. If I have the space, I wouldn't mind a few pieces of those because it will be nice to entertain friends over some drinks, isn't it? Their counter stools do looks nice but I wonder if short men are comfortable in them? You know, like that bald friend of Seinfield?

I have taken a look the site and with such a huge range of furnitures, I do wish there are more navigation menu because I cannot seem to find some pieces like bar stools because I am not sure which room they have put them in. Other than that, it is still a nice site to roam around. These are mostly luxurious furnitures so prices can be higher than what I can normally afford for furnitures.


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