Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Previously, I was quite embarrassed of having so many blogs. Then I found that having several blogs means earning more money. And there is nothing to be ashame of when one makes money the legal way.

After all, the bitches can rant all they want while I happily tap away on my PC and get the money piling up. I am not hurting anyone and in fact, I am helping businesses grow because of the good quality reviews I did.

So, when I finally achieved RM12K per month, I bought a domain to celebrate my achievement. Now, my target is USD12K month. LOL, I know I will never get that but what's wrong with dreaming, huh? That's why I name my http://12kmom.com Millionaire Dreams.

Since I have no use of the domain, I made it into a blog aggregator, collecting all the Really Simple Stuffs from all my blogs. Of course, I have some tricks that I don't share but I know I am in the right direction with 12kmom.

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Samm said...

Wuah.... when i grow up, i want to be like 12kmom