Monday, September 17, 2007

Ambience created by the right lightings

Have you walked into those showrooms where they showcase the furnitures and wonder how they made it so nice? Then, even if you have bought the same kind of furnitures, you realised that you can never get the same kind of ambience? Well, one of the thing that these interior home decorators have done are applying the right lamps to enhance the showrooms.

Therefore, choosing the right lamps and lamp shades for our home takes considerable thoughts and creativity. We cannot just grab any old table lamps and hope to light up the room. We need to make sure that it is emitting the right kind of mood and also give us a feeling of vibrancy or a certain somberness, depending on what kind of settings we want.

I think by watching more of those interior decoration shows or reading more home and living magazines, we will at least get some sort of expertise. Just the other day, I saw this guy who is an interior decorator who made the home of a rich guy totally different. He created the New Yorker pad into various moods by applying the right kind of floor lamps. There is the Baliness feel, the disco type and many more. He did that with just one apartment in New York. I was like, WOW, he is like the fairy godfather who transfer a regular bachelor pad into heaven.

To begin transforming your home, take a look at Farreys and the wide range of lightings and fans they offer. They have made it easy for you to shop by filtering out all the things that you are searching for. Have fun!

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