Friday, September 28, 2007

"At least we have tried all we can.."

Four six years old kids died due to drowning and they couldn't get help fast enough. There are so many cases of children choking or strangled or drowned and they couldn't get help fast enough.

It could be fate, it could be lack of skilled people around. I don't know about their cases. I have a few bereaved moms whose children died in that circumstances. Even when they are in good hands and they still died too.

But something just popped up in my mind. When my son was very, very critical ill, Doc C told me about the trip to UMMC. I weighted the risk and asked him if it is necessary because it is a four hours trip and my child will be bagged as there wasn't a child's ventilator that fits into the ambulance. Talking about that, I have a lot of issues about how inadequate our Malaysian medical services are. There are too few child's ventilator and too few ambulances.

I am just lucky that I have a doctor who is willing to sacrifice a whole day in his lucrative clinic business to follow my son to UMMC. And I am even luckier that I have the means to fly him and the nurse back plus the ambulance trip and his fees.

Anyway, Doc C told me once, "Lilian, if anything happens, you know you have done your best. And this is the best I can do for Vincent. Let's do it."

So, those parents whose children died, they probably lived with the anger and guilt that their children couldn't get the best help because there weren't any. And all these lack of skilled medical personnels just eat into my heart.

I had attended the child resuscitation program. I know we cannot help sometimes. But at least we tried. Just trying sometimes makes us less guilty. Guilt can kill. Parents, do something to be more vigilant and learn CPR. Take initiatives and organise it. The Red Crescent and St. John Ambulance works with the community. Ask and you shall be given.

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