Sunday, September 02, 2007

Can Colloidal Silver keep sickness at bay?

Do you notice that those folks who are vegetarians have a certain kind of glow on their faces? My friend, Amanda is one health nut and I sometimes, felt very unhealthy just talking to her because she loves to promote her healthy living lifestyle.

In fact, I dread eating with her because everything is toxic to her. Doh, don't you dislike people like that? However, on the other hand, I do admire her healthy glow and how she rarely gets sick. She swears that colloidal silver keep her free from the regular cough, cold and all the snuffles. She said it is nature's antibiotics.

For a while, I am almost bought on the idea of taking colloidal silver too. However, Amanda told me that I also have to start eating healthy foods, organic stuffs and she insist I stay away from meats. Eeek, I can't do that, girl. I need my meats or I will go mad.

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