Friday, September 14, 2007

Damn, I missed those karaoke days

Sometimes, I wonder if it is wise for me to drop everything and leave behind all those things that I used to do for the sake of the children. My job, my friends, my 'me-time' and practically, everything.

Gone were the days of the karaoke with ex-colleagues after work. I just dug out some Air Supply's songs and mesmerized about those duet time I had with some male colleagues. The good thing about working is I have my circle of friends whom sort of give me my own identity. Well, mostly the male ones. They are not like folks we can just called up and have a beer or something. I will have a lot of explanation to do to the hubby.

So, sniff, yes, There is no other way than to say goodbye. I got no life, no identity, no male friends, no karaoke, no life, no people to bitch with, no life, no drinks, no identity, no life...

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