Saturday, March 01, 2008

Did Kathleen went for plastic surgery?

I was watching MTV the other day and there was this very familiar looking singer. Her voice is great and I know I have seen her someplace. Yet, I cannot recall where. Finally, when they flash her name on the screen, then only I realised that she is none other than the runner-up of American Idol.

I mean, she looks totally different. Previously I know her face was much puffy and her nose roundish. But now, she looks so hot and sexy. Her plumpish body is gone as well. I wonder if she has patronised one of those plastic surgery?

I heard they are the celebrity plastic surgery expert and all the stars have walked through their doors and came out looking like a million dollar celebrity. I tried to dig and find out more but I don't seem to find any leads.

But what I do know is Kathleen doesn't need a breast augmentation because she was that yummylicious, juicy when she went for her first audition. And I wonder if her smiles come from those celebrity sexy teeth whitener? Plus that lucious lips, did they get it from celebrity sexy lips plumper?

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