Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Distressing news

I am really saddened that so many people were killed in the bus crash the other day. It is just barely a month and the case is now forgotten. 20+ people died due to the negligence of the bus company. If I am one of the next-of-kin, I will definitely nail them flat.

First, I will sue the Government for allowing such buses and drivers to be on the road. Those are not humans, those are killing machines. Next, I will get my personal injury attorney and smoke out the bus company's owners. I will see to it that they no longer can run their business.

I will probably earn millions if the right personal injury attorney handle the case. However, it is not the money but the principle. If I do get the money, I will probably set up a legal centre and get everyone to sue the Government or any parties that caused deaths due to negligence.

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