Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fuyoh!! 15 done in one evening

I am the super amazing, super efficient, super kerng-chao woman on earth. I baked the nicest Jamie Oliver's style meal for the family, drank a bottle of Chardonnay, ate a packet of groundnuts to celebrate mid-autumn festival and yet, I can finish 15 paid posts in one evening.

It is the bestest surprise to log into one of the paid post companies to find them urging me to take up some leftovers which were not completed by the other people. I know they need to deliver to their clients so I rushed it out for them.

I really admire myself. I can write through the blur vision and pee-ing bladder. While making love to Il Divo, Michael Bolton, Jacky Cheung and Hinder. Damn, I am in love with Hinder's song 'Lips of an Angel.' It is bad to listen to songs like these, kids.

The song will screwed up your mind. Stay away! But the guy's voice is so man. Slurppp. Watch the video on Youtube even better.

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