Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Good watering hole for shopaholics

I am really distracted lately. Between blogging, reading, trying to stay close to my faith, the daily tasks and etc, I think I am going to need some things to make me happy. Like spending those money I made. My kids have been sucking money out of my PayPal for their stuffs but I am always too stingy to buy anything for myself.

So, let's see what I can get for myself. First I can go compare prices on this site. They have the coupon codes and widgets as well. I can compare price with retail outlets and also auction on ebay. Plus they have customers reviews.

They have shopping for categories like home and living, cosmetics, baby, gadgets and every darn thing. But after going round and round, I realize I do not need a thing. Maybe I can look at some Nikon camera lenses. Should I burn all my Paypal on the Nikon Nikkor 17 55mm F/2.8G ED IF AF S DX Lens ? Nah...maybe not.

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