Thursday, September 27, 2007

Home makeover

I have forgotten the joy of owning a home. The last two places I stayed, it was more of a matter of convenience. I moved into this apartment block when my other son was around. He was on oxygen and I remembered rushing him from my old place to the apartment block. I am tied to him 24/7 and for our first meal at the apartment we rented, we ate instant noodle.

Then, we bought another unit and I was pregnant. A high risk pregnancy whereby I was ordered bed rest. So, the new place was under renovation without my supervision because I wasn't allowed by my contractor to come as it is a taboo.

Now, when I look at this site with the beautiful lightings and especially the landscape lighting, my heart bleeds. I have forgotten the joy of owning a new home, finding the right furniture and the lights to match the ambience. I am not going to live like this further. Time to seriously look for a decent place to stay. But then, this place that I am now calling home is not short of happiness and contentment too.

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