Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I am so gonna sue you!

This is something that many of us utter all the time. Yet, when it comes to the real situation, it is not easy. This is especially hard when you have lost loved ones in tragedies. With a broken heart, one finds it hard to find the push to propel oneself ahead to sue the guilty parties.

I personally had tried that. I wrote a letter to the doctor and she replied me with a legal letter to protect her ass. I wanted to hire my own lawyer to settle the BPD case and I know I have a case. Yet, I didn't have the courage to face digging up old wounds.

I believe many families too have this same problem. That's why this Truck Accident Attorneys Los Angeles mentioned in their website that they are experts in dealing with cases like major, fatal accidents caused by heavy vehicles. They know how to deal with these bereaved parties seeking justice.

Plane Crash Attorneys Los Angeles are also experts in plane crash settlements. So, if you have that nagging feelings if you can sue, just tell them 'I am so gonna sue you!' Find a good lawyer and get those off your chest.

It has been six years since my son died and I still wonder if he had been treated better, would he have died?

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