Friday, September 14, 2007

5xmom dot com is not for sale

For freaks like me, intentionally not writing paid posts is like a major achievement. There are 40 opps on PPP but I purposely refused to take them. I could easily earn USD100 from those in one day, but....gone were my competitive nature over there.

Saya sudah jemu tengok itu angmohs datang dan intip. Mereka akan cari pasal dan ambil screenshots balik dan repot. Jadi saya sengaja tak mau tulis, tunjuk jari tengah. Nah, kamu orang kena mati-mati tulis untuk cari makanan untuk anak-anak luar nikah kamu. Saya Cina Ah Soh pastime aje. Tulis tak tulis, saya tak mati.

Dengan peraturan baru, mereka lagi sibok dan akan cari pasal terhadap setiap orang. Kawan-kawan semua, ingat, mata mereka ada pada kamu semua.

So, I have been sipping coffee, reading magazines, downloading songs, looking at the rain falling down, hug my kid, hug my bear and proud of myself that I can actually walk away from money.

I just got an email asking to buy my 5xmom dot com. A UK guy wrote to me. Without asking him how much he intends to offer, I told him, no deal. I am the one and only 5xmom. I had secured the dot biz, dot info, dot net and dot org. It is not because I am money crazy but I want to tell the world that I have five sons. One of them may not be here anymore but he is the one that brought me to Christ and he meant most to me. So, yes, 5xmom dot com is not for sale, not even in British pounds.

With the #1 spot on Google for make money, I could actually make shit loads of money out of suckers and desperadoes just selling affiliates stuffs that don't work. But no, Jesus said I can only serve one master. And He is my master. I won't cheat. Maybe I can change direction for 5xmom dot com from Make$ Money$ to Make Love!


Ah Pek said...

Yes, make love..... I like..

littlepolaris said...

Yea, no one ever can replace our beloved 5xmom! and she's not ang moh and dun have blonde hair ler.