Thursday, September 20, 2007

I hate women younger than me, can?

There is this woman. She looks like my mader so old. Yet, she insist she is much younger than me.

I count the wrinkles on her face. And it is more than my pubic hair.

I check the haggardness shown on her eyes, and it looks like a pool of sewage water.

I compare the kind of music we dig and it says she is lying because I was only like 10 years old when the song was popular. So how can her, if say she is younger than me, know so much about the songs, the meanings and singers and all those shits.

Who are you trying to lie? Because if you said you are younger than me in age, to me it means....

1) You do not have enough sex and hence, you look depraved
2) You do not have money to eat bird's nest and hence, you don't have the radiance
3) You are too poor to buy quality skincare and hence,your face looks like the moon's surface. And I mean the moon at close range, not from planet earth.

Gee, I love my blog. Because no one reads.

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