Friday, September 14, 2007

Melbourne or Sydney

Have you been to these two cities? I had. If you have, which city do you prefer?

I personally prefer Melbourne over Sydney because I found Sydney too hip for me. It is much more modern than Melbourne and I was rather worried when I was there a few years back. At night, we travelled around on our own and we probably ended up on the wrong side. However, it is a bustling city which is very suitable for the younger group. Hotels in Sydney were much more modern and I remembered we stayed in one right smack in the city.

Meanwhile, I love Melbourne for its English influence and especially adore those cathedrals and parks. It is like a walk in England along those broad sidewalk. Hotels in Melbourne have the English influence as well and it is like being in London.

Meanwhile, I have never been to Brisbane and the Gold Coast and it will be my destination. I am sure I will have a great time with all the activities in Brisbane and those lovely, lovely Great Barrier Reef. You can find Hotels in Brisbane from the links provided. Check them out the next time you plan a tour to Australia.

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