Saturday, September 15, 2007

No life

It is kind of sad this weekend. I totally have no life. I didn't do any shopping because it is too much of a chore to go out on a rainy day. No shopping = no life. Anyway, I have nothing to buy because the things I want aren't launched yet. And there is no sale and I refused to grab myself a bottle of SKII super duper spot eraser. I have forgotten what it is called but I got a tiny sample and it is fantastic.

Samm has been out and got herself a hair cut. I heard she even have sex included. LOL. And me? Still sitting here griping over my no-life weekend because hubby is watching some live football. He doesn't even let me cuddle up with him because when I do that, he missed watching the crucial goal.

No life can be blissful...if only...

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Lil' Ms Pinky said...

Lilian, I've been using the SK-II Whitening Source for almost a year now, and I got very nice compliments from people on how translucent my skin is. *beams*

The new Whitening Source DermDefinition is the next thing I'm going to get when my 50ml Whitening Source finishes.

Try it lar, then do a write up on how good SK-II is. I love SK-II! :)