Thursday, September 20, 2007

This blog has more soul than my personal one

Two days back I stumbled into your Karma Kameleon blog... enjoy reading it. In some way, it is different from your more popular 5xmom. I guess 5xmom is more of a commercialized site (hence, I see/read the commercialized side) while Karma Kameleon blog is more personal. anyway, that is just how it appears to me if I compare the two.

I got this from an email from someone I met. Someone else told me this before. It is true. I have over 2,000 pairs of eyes on my personal blog and I hate showing my petticoat (or the real side of me) because I will inevitably get all kinds of responses I don't need to hear.

That's why I can go raw and bleeding here because no one gives a fark and I can rant all I want.

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