Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Travel blog

Timing is bad for me. Those days when I got the chance to fly around the world, I do not own a digital camera. All the photos I have are in printed photos. Now, I am too poor to fly around the world anymore because 6 pax of air tickets and hotel accommodation will sucked up all our inheritance.

When I look a this travel blog from RealTravel, I wish I can write a travel blog. But nope, I can't. So, all I can do is to admire those travelers' tales and pretend it is me who is traveling.

If you are going for any holiday, do check out this real travel tips from real travel sharing their real experience. How real do you want further huh? It is so real, I can cry looking at the French Ch√Ęteau de Loches. I want to be there....

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