Saturday, September 15, 2007

Warm goji berries chicken soup for rainy days

I think part of this mood I am going through is because I sort of missed my mother. Six years back, she had promised to look after me during my post-natal period. I was pregnant then. But she died suddenly. So, when I remember the hot herbal soup that she used to brew for me with Goji Berries, the pangs of missing her hurts.

She would keep reminding me to take more goji berries, whether in dried form, in soups or drink Goji Berry Juice because she told me it is good for my eyes and skin.

Well, now I have carry on what she taught me. I can cook like her. But the missing piece is still there. No wonder this rainy days make things much harder to bear.

Folks, treasure your parents. And why not go get some goji goodness for them as gifts?

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