Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Life is a gamble

The death of a philanthropist who owns the only casino in the country hits the news today. I read that the casino and all the theme parks and entertainment outlets will be closed on Monday, i.e the funeral day.

I read some of the story about his achievements and must say that he has gambled a lot in life and become as successful as he is now. That's probably how he managed to build a casino on the mountain which become the buzz of the tourism industry. People come from nearby countries just for the casinos.

I wonder if people will frequent less the casinos in future when online gambling become more popular? I guess not because there is nothing like mingling with those rich buggers who spend thousands of dollars on one round of black jack. No doubt sites like this online poker continue to flourish, people still love to be at the casino with all the sounds and sights.

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