Monday, October 15, 2007

You can make millions if you have a good personal injury attorney

Since I am in the running with Perez Hilton for the Most Obnoxious Blogger's award, I had been reading his blog faithfully and regularly. Well, I read because I want to know what the hell are those Hollywood celebs are up to.

I notice something. Many of them loves to go out in the open for Starbucks or getting a pair of sunglasses like what Britney Spears did. I wonder if I become an annoying paparazzi and bulldoze my way to get whack by her bodyguard, will I have a case? I can hire a good and reputable personal injury attorney and sue the stars. Then, I will be so rich if I win the case. Even if I lose, I will still make a name for myself.

Do you know of any good personal injury attorney who is willing to work with me? I can bring a faulty, cheap DSLR camera and hope to get whack by the bodyguard, can't I?

Ok, this is the result of reading too much Perez Hilton where everyone is whacking everyone or everyone is just out of rehab. There really isn't anything new except different people doing the same thing every day.

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