Saturday, November 03, 2007

Our next holiday destination - Brisbane and Gold Coast

It is nice to have plans and dreams. Well, going for holidays are not exactly dreams but something we need to strive for because it is not cheap to bring a family of six for a trip to Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Flights to Australia is not that expensive but getting Hotels in Brisbane means some researching. We want to find a place that is most suitable for the kids because the trip is about them and what they enjoy.

Brisbane Accomodation caters for different groups of tourists and what we want are places like the botanical gardens where I can take lots of photos, the river side markets where all the colours and actions are. I just love going to markets because there are so many things to see. The South Bank sounds like a perfect place for the kids too.

Meanwhile in Gold Coast, we want somewhere with lots of activities including the beautiful beaches and the theme parks. Therefore, we shall keep these two places as our next family vacation. Let me check out Gold Coast Accomodation and see what they have to offer.

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