Friday, November 09, 2007

Van requires different insurance

My son and his team of youth group are required to travel to another state to conduct some youth camps. Before the actual event, they need to go to the venue for some rehearsal. Normally, the church official van will ferry them there. However, they do not have enough seats in the van and my hubby offered to fetch a couple of his friends.

Well, it is not really a good idea because our car has a different insurance from the official van used to transport people. But if they trust us enough, and with prayers, we will be alright, I hope.

Commercial Van Insurance are different from the regular ones so if you wish to find out more, please do check out the website of Autonet. They are a UK wide van insurance company offering van insurance products.

It is good to know what's the difference between commercial vans used for transporting company products and employees and what these insurance cover. Never be ignorant, know beforehand so that we are aware of the risks we are putting ourselves under.


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