Monday, November 12, 2007

We need discipline

In the past years, if we say our choir practices start at 11.15 am, it means we start at 11.15 am. But this year, discipline has gone out of the windows because the previous choir master is no longer around. He was that fierce lawyer-in-real life, choir master on weekends that make sure we stick to our schedule and we sing what he has planned.

Now, with a different choir master, people comes in at all hours. We need to wait and wait and sometimes, we over shot the regular time by an hour. I really wish to drop out because my hubby cannot wait to go to his badminton session and he couldn't go until I return. I have kids at home waiting for me and one impatient hubby who sometimes will not wait but leave the youngest kid with the eldest because he thought I would be back anytime soon.

Bleargh...this is going to be my last year if things don't change.

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