Monday, December 10, 2007

Ever left in a lurch without a hotel?

On Sunday morning, my hubby's brother phoned us. He said he is already very near our place! OMG, how did he ended here from another state? He should have phoned us and give us prior notice.

He asked hubby to make a hotel booking for him. However, it is the holiday season now and hubby couldn't find a single room. He wasted so much time, causing my whole Sunday morning all upset.

Don't you hate people who never make prior arrangements before their travel? Haven't they heard of Hotel Reservations websites which can make everything a breeze for them?

Well obviously many don't. So, do not be a nuisance. Make prior reservation before you travel. Check the link provided. They have almost all the hotels in the world covered under their territory. You can find any hotel there. No more exucse to bug your relatives the next time you travel.

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