Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Going back to the basics

clinique lipstick

Clinique was the first full set skincare I bought when I was 'grown up'. Back then, I don't earn much and hence, being able to afford Clinique was like a dream come true. I still remember how I sat at my dressing table and admire those tiny freebies and became totally convinced that my face gets so much better after the 7-day scrub. I followed religious the three basic Clinque steps.

Then, fast forward and we could afford more. So, I changed brand simply because I could afford more expensive brands.

However, today, I went to Clinique and realized that they are now very up to date with the skincare. I told the promoter that I am going back to Clinique as soon as my SKII are exhausted. I will be saving a lot of money and getting a lot of miniature, cute little freebies.

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