Sunday, December 16, 2007

I am turning deaf

I just returned from some crummy state government hosted Christmas party. It is suppose to be a Christmas party but they import these Mandarin singers from Taiwan and they sang some dunno wtf songs. I mean, hey, it is a Christmas party so let's partayyyy....Not sing some God loves you songs. Show our non-Christian brethens that we are happy, singing Jingle bells. Why not sing some songs others can relate to than to sing some sombre God loves you song?

Anyway, the speakers are every where and the volume can cause ears to go deaf. That's why I don't approve my hubby to get audio racks and speakers for the home. They will drive me nuts.

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Debabrata Ghosh said...

You are right. A Christmas party is all about merry-making. It's to express joy and to be happy that is the very essense of Christmas Party.
For showing one gratitude and love towards God there are many places and occasions including churches. Indian non-christians Hindus celebrate Christmas in a great way.