Thursday, December 13, 2007

I feel terribly guilty

Ooops...I am such a marvellous story teller and had some people actually believed in an imaginary character that I conjured up. In my line of 'work', i.e. if you can call this work, I need to think fast, act fast and just do everything without second thought. So, I created this non-existence 40 years old virgin and someone actually try to believe she exists.

I should put a disclaimer that I was a receptionist cum secretary before and I lie through my teeth the whole day. Even when my boss was standing right in front of me, I can tell the person on the other end of the end of the line that he has gone overseas.

You know what? Even if you have some great system like this VoIP Call Center Phone Systems, you still need excellent liars like secretaries who can lie through their smiles.

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