Thursday, December 20, 2007

Kanasai, all gray jor

Not that I fark care about them anymore. I long long oredi gave up on the cibai PukiPukiPuki liao but tonight, I saw a few and they asked for some PR. Lanjiao eh, I got, ok? But that also turned gray.

I farking hate the mention of PukiPukiPuki nowadays. They are the ones who cause us all these miseries. But at least I have USD14K to sooth my tulan-ness. I really pity those who didn't at least reap USD10K from them. Niamah, stupid system. Beat gong so loud until Goog oso tulan liao. Now, cannot deliver anything to us. Sohais only hang around and hope. Die liao lah, go find other lubang lah.

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