Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Peeples iz stewpig

The other day, one auntie asked my about my hubby's job. I told her he is an accountant. I thought she would be smart enough to know that I am being humble and just give her an professional qualification.

But guess what she said to me. She told me her daughter who just completed college is an accountant. "Just like your husband lah." Then, she got the nerve to try to compare her daughter's salary with my hubby. I tell you, if I am not in church, I will whack her to wake up. Hellloooo..your daughter is what? 21 years old, working in an auditing job, earning $2,500. How can you have the same impression that my hubby who is more than three times her age, gets the same kind of salary? Doh. That's why I hate chatting with people. Sometimes, you get stewpigs and you cannot do anything about it.

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