Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sneaking into a hotel's changing room

We have very nice sunny weather earlier today. Right now, it is raining cats and dogs. Lucky thing we took advantage of the sunny weather and took the kids to the beach. I didn't intend to swim at all but got wet due to the high tide while I was taking care of my small boy.

The tide is exceptionally high these few days due to the moon and gravity thingie, so I heard. Anyway, after getting drenched, I need to find a place to change. There are no public changing and bathroom around so my hubby urged me to sneak into the hotel's changing room.

Being the chicken, I make a quick dash and hope I wasn't hauled up and embarrassed in public for using the private facility. I wish I had not been sneaking around like a thief 'cos the hotel has such nice bathroom and they use Hansgrohe faucet. Such classy joint and beautiful tap heads and sinks.

When I got out, indeed a hotel staff asked my hubby if we are guests. Hubby being the bold one told them, "Nay, just passing by." with a straight face. Oh boy, if it is me, I would blush and hope to die.

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