Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Some people just don't get it

You know how I dissed some of the people I know? Because they keep bugging me when I already hinted that I am getting annoyed. You know, there are folks who will bug you because they need to know something or have something to ask. They don't care if you are busy or if you are in the mood to talk.

They are much worse than those cute little animals at Seaworld. At least, with those dolphins and etc, they will toe the line and listen to you. They don't come and annoyed you and then, leave without even saying thank you. Bah, how I wish I can send people like that to Seaworld to be trained? Maybe, I can buy some tickets from this Seaworld Tickets booking site and pack them on the next plane. They will go there not to watch but to be trained to listen to me. Only me.

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