Sunday, December 23, 2007

Super tiu, super tulan, super dnmch

There is no such a thing as being elitists. So what if you think you are better and smarter? We spent three long months practising and the few of you just conveniently come at the last minute because you all think you are too clever and don't need practice? KNN, it is about synchronising and that can only be achieved with the total commitment from every single person. Niamah. If any of the think-they-are-smart ones pulled the rest of us down, I am so gonna leave the group.

There is such a thing as once a year thingie and if I am stuck, I am stuck. I cannot help that because it is a once a year thingie and I have to do what I have to do. That also you cannot make changes on your weekly schedule? KNN.

There is such a thing as "YOU ARE ALL NOT INVITED!" If I don't call you, it means you are all not welcomed. Where were all of you when I invited you to listen to me sing and celebrate it MY WAY? Did you ever make time to give support to me? are all too busy. Why? Because you are scared of my God, that's why. But CCB, you are all not afraid at the mention of eating. Fine, I can always feed the hungry. But the hungry tends to bitch behind my back, speculating what I am going to brainwash your male heirs and turning them into godless people. TNMCH, I freaking hate being asked THREE TIMES when I am inviting you all for a makan. I AM NOT. Read my lips, I am not going to kill myself with stresses doing it alone because your little brother is not free to help me. You are all like locusts. I will go back to my own side for a change. Tiny, cosy, well-mannered people. I am only accountable to my PILs, they are dead, I don't owe any of you any chummy moments. When come to borrow money from us, suddenly we are blood ties. Other times leh? KNN. Oh have I forgotten to mention that even if I had sweated a whole day serving the bunch of IBS, NONE of them ever thought of celebrating it MY WAY, i.e. give little gifts to cheer up my little one? is always buta-buta makan and wipe yr own ka'chng.

And somemore, your son and I may have the same God but how many times do I have to tell you that we are somehow different. Your son has no problem telling people they are pagans and they will die and go to hell. I am not like that so don't associate me with your image of whatever religion your son has. I don't go tell non-believers they are lost and if only they accept the Saviour, their problems will be solved. I don't do that. I jaga my own kain and if no one wants to listen to the Good News, I don't fark care. Those who have ears, hears.

More....I told you your side has been bugging me for an invite and you couldn't care less. I told you they chased me three times already and you aren't bothered if we should invite those poor souls. You bo chap, I lagi bo chap. KNN, next time, if you all want to call, go call your own brother lah. I am the Hainanese typhoon and we are anti-social.

In case any kepochis read the above, all five paras are totally different stories. I must explain or you poor souls will go mad trying to figure out.

KNNMCB sibeh tulan.

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