Monday, December 31, 2007

Those cibai angmohs

There is this bunch of eat full nothing to do sei gwai lohs, both gwai pohs and gwai koongs who pok-pek-pok-pek behind my back until I discovered it. Niamahai, think ngo sei jor, blind meh? Use my name, no need capital ah? Cibai leh, if got questions come ask me directly. Sai mm sai speculate and then, kapster like that? So much time, use it useful to study, do some community works, wanking or something. Instead, go dig people's stuffs and bitch about it. Like you all so terror issit? Lanjiao eh. Pendapatan bulanan saya apa kena mengena dengan kamu semua? Kamu malas macam babi, tunggu Government's aid, claim disability, sakit jiwa worrr.....Sendiri cari sakit got lah.

Anyway, here's wishing myself a Happy New Year 2008. I have made a lot of differences in many people's lives in 2007. Muahahahahar.....I hope they will remember me by and by for all the good things I had done. Bwahahaha....And may I continue to be part of their lives. *evil laughters*

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