Saturday, December 22, 2007

Winter solstice

Another winter solstice came and gone. But those legacy left by my mom to me has remained. Eventhough I really dread the thought of getting the kids to fool around with flour and messy goo, I forced myself to do it for their sake and also as a memory of what has been my mom's living legacy.

On every 21st of December, we will roll these coloured balls. Then, on 22nd December, we will serve it to the ancestors with slaughtered chicken and dishes cooked for the special occasion.


Of course, I no longer offers foods to ancestors as a Christian. But still it is good to take up the ritual and remember the beloved ones like my mom and mom-in-law. And say a little prayer that God will take care of them in His Heavenly kingdom.

After the balls are done, I took a bowl and stuffed them down into each of my son and I joked with them that this is what I am going to do to them when they get married. This is to practise for that.

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