Thursday, January 03, 2008

Haven't had a 'real' blogging for a while now

It has been a while since I really blog like how I used to. That is to write what I feel or think. Nowadays things are so fake. Or so pressured. Rushing against time to update all those projects and working for things rather than just pure writing.

Maybe it is time to just sit back and see if I can still ramble on with whatever is on my mind. Let's start with Christmas. I got some really precious gifts this year and I am so thankful for them. One of them is supposed to bring me luck and bring me luck it did. In fact, now I am so attached to it and wears it all day long. The giver told me I am supposed to keep it close to me. It is a baby dragon and I love it to bits. Cute and precious. Does it matter that some folks told me that it is not very Christian-y to wear symbols like that? I am sure the person who gave it to me knows better than these folks because she loves Jesus to the max and no one is as faithful to God as her. So, if she gives to me and tell me to keep it, I definitely love it and listen to her.

I have given Uncle T my URL and he has dropped by. I guess I have overcome that nervousness of being scrutinised. Not like Uncle T is going to judge me or smack me for my foul mouth but maybe it is my own reservations that there are things that are not me. I hope he doesn't get shock with my burst of temper on my blog. But whatever it is, I know that there are things that I must say and I have to say it LOUD to be heard. What matters is at the end of it, I know that what I preached is how the Lord guides me. Who cares if some folks don't hear what I am trying to say? People are known to have ears and yet, they don't hear.

Well, the new year started with a real bang indeed. My traffic spiked so high I wish they are permanent. I have 7,453 visits yesterday, according to my Nuffnang analytics. Some folks said it is cruel to bank in on others' misfortune. I also have accused people of doing that. But hey, if women do not speak up on this issue, who else will? Not like those CCB female politicians dare to speak up. Everyone is going to say it is fine to have extra-marital affair. It is not. As far as I am concerned, it is a sin. Whether Christian or not, my mom taught me since young that those who did it will get fried in hot burning oil. Yeah, they have those statues in temples. Deep fried, yo. So who the fark tell these people it is alright to have flings like that? What god they worship ah? I also want, no sin to screw around worrrr. That means, go steal money oso no sin, kill people also no sin, cheat and lie oso no sin....Correct or not?

Damn, it is so nice to write when you know that you are not going to get morons giving moronic comments.

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