Monday, February 18, 2008

Jackie Chan and Jet Li movie The Forbidden Kingdom with Monkey King

I read in the local papers today about Jackie Chan and Jet Li movie, The Forbidden Kingdom. Jet Li plays the part of Monkey King.

All of us who are Chinese have grown up with this folklore. In fact, some Taoists Chinese worship the monkey king in their homes. I have also seen people getting into trance as the Monkey King. Obviously, the Monkey King is very cheeky and prances all around when the person was in trance. So, I wouldn't stay too near a person when he is in trance as the Monkey King.

After all the Rush Hour and 'dumb and fumbling Chinese in America' type of movies from Jackie Chan, I am glad he brings this costume drama for a change.

If you have not catch any Monkey King story before, you can find several versions from Hongkong TVB series. There is one which I love a lot and had watched it twice. Of course, if you have one of those plasma 52 inches TV with some tv lift cabinets, then, you will probably not need to go to the movies anymore.

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