Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Katharine Mcphee married to Nick Cokas

Do you remember American Idol 2006's 1st runner-up, Katharine McPhee? I certainly do because I wanted Chris Daughtry to win but only Katharine McPhee and that purple Barney Taylor Hicks got into the final.

Katharine McPhee has slimmed down a lot since then and her videos were sizzling hot, unlike the goodie-goodie image she had during the American Idol stage.

I read that young Katharine McPhee has married a man much older than her. He is said to be 44 or is it 42 and is Katharine McPhee's producer and fiance. Hmmm...am I turning into a gossip column? Nay...just that I watched Chris Daughtry's video last night and noted that he seems to be the most famous of all on MTV if we compare all the contestants from that year American Idol.

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