Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Simon Cowell is being nice for a change. But it is because of Connie Talbot

You know how mean Simon Cowell can be to the contestants in American Idol. When Simon dissed, he dissed with big words. In fact, once he described someone grotesque and the whole of America has to google what grotesque means. But our dear Simon Cowell is being extremely nice to this 6 years old Britain very own Connie Talbot.

"Britains Got Talent * Connie, 6, WOWs Simon Cowell !!!"

Connie Talbot at the Britain’s Got talent Contest - Finals singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

But the winner is the opera singer Paul Potts. It is kind of sad to see the little British prodigy losing and I hope she can handle it well.

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