Monday, March 03, 2008

Acne treatment or rather how not to get moon craters

Puberty is associated with pimples sprouting. However, pimples shouldn't be confused with acne. Acne,as what I am told is due to allergies. I have seen many scary looking faces at the dermatologist clinic and she told me usually people get acne if they have an allergies to some food groups.

Pimples go way. Acne leave scars that look like moon craters. So, if you are a parent to teens, do be aware if your teens are suffering from pimples or acne. I am lucky all my kids have pretty good skin like my hubby and I. :P

So, we do not have to deal with esteem problems or seek acne treatment. It is a very traumatic experience for those suffering from acne and in my opinion, they should get to the root of the problems and solve it once and for all as the problem won't go away after puberty. Not like pimples which we eventually outgrow.

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