Thursday, April 03, 2008

All night long and still no business

Lately, there is this one company that seem to have no more business for us. Each night as I sit here, doing many other things, I will occasionally check on them. Although I have many blogs with pagerank, there is nothing good for me.

It is tiring waiting for them and I heard that there are many disgruntled folks out there. I too am giving up hope of this company.

That leaves me with a lot of time and I can take my time to understand how VoIP Phone Systems. VoIP Phone Systems are not something that were around when I was working 10 years ago. So, now that I am out of touch with the corporate world, I better be reading and learning. If you wish to find a reliable VoIP phone system, do check out the link provided. Nowadays, we have to be connected all the time to earn money.

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