Monday, April 14, 2008

Auto recycling

The car manufacturers never seem to finish competing with each other to produce new models. It is like everyday that we get newly launched car model. Today, I saw the new Mini Cooper and absolutely fell in love with Mr. Bean's car. I asked hubby if he can buy one for me, if I am his trophy wife or something. He said sure...You want remote control one or die cast one?

So, have you ever wondered where those used engines go to after they have abandoned their old cars? Usually, they recycle them and you can find a list of midwest auto recycling on this directory. They said they have the compressor check, bla bla bla, sorry, I am not that well versed in cars engines so I only know that much. What's important is if more people stick to their ride for a much longer time and don't feel the need to keep scrapping off old ones, we will have a greener earth.

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