Monday, April 28, 2008

He's a total jerk

A friend MSN me and gave me a link to some random girl's blog with some random blog post. WOWZER...I didn't know that women are going back in time. Whatever happened to those era where women have dignity, self-value, pride and two legs?

There is this girl who was dumped by the boyfriend and she went crawling back eventhough it seems that there was nothing wrong with her. Why did she have to admit her wrongs when it was the guy's total jerk characteristic?

I totally cannot understand it. Thank goodness, I don't grow up in this era. If given to me in that situation, I will kick his balls and dumped him. Not the other way round, woman.

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I'm Choonie. said...

I read one and I was wondering if you are talking about the same person. Is it the coconut being dump by the peach? If it is the same coconut, I agreed with you. I wonder where is her pride and dignity. How can the coconut crawl back to say sorry? The peach is really a jerk. The coconut is just making an assh*le of herself. Xia soi cha bo!